For two years, we've been talking with my love Emilia about getting married in Argentina (yes, there is equality and marriage for everyone in Argentina, take that France "country of human rights" my ass). At some point we hoped for a chance to do so in France. Today I don't think I'll ever get married to anyone but I hate to think it's mostly because I can't, not because I want. I'd like to be free to choose not to do it, not to be forced to forget about that straight privilege. Today I see all the hateful people in the streets, on the Internet, everywhere, these homophobic crowds slurring at us, spitting on my loves, who dare to say that they are "not homophobic", and I just don't understand. I don't understand and I'm sad and angry. How can you be "not homophobic" but then be against the equality of rights for everyone ? How can you be "not homophobic" but consider that some love feelings, orientations or sexualities are lower than yours ? How can you decide that some couples or some families have no rights to simply exist ? How can you protest AGAINST other people's rights ? How can you spread hate about love ? How can you be so blind ? And above all, why do you even care ??? WHAT THE FUCK IS IT GONNA CHANGE FOR YOU ANYWAY ???


Résumé de la tournure homophobe nauséabonde du weekend par cafélanguedepute