23 mars 2012


If you are in a dwam you are not necessarily building castles in the air. Rather, the phrase suggests blankness. When you are in a dwam you may be thinking about something, not necessarily something pleasant, other than the subject in hand. However, you are just as likely to be thinking about nothing at all. Bref, j'ai la tête ailleurs....
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19 mars 2012

Des crânes et des fleurs, encore

A tatouer, quelqu'un ???
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17 mars 2012

The hole

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15 mars 2012

Oh separate my body from my soul

Trop besoin de partager, désolée pour ceux qui ne parlent pas anglais et qui se fichent des problèmes des transgender/genderqueer/pangender.   From Alvar Grav "I ride the subway and people stare at me. I want to ask them why. But I know why. Their eyes give birth to a swelling slug in my throat. I do strange things with my lips. I swallow hard. Run my fingers along the tattered fabric of my totebag. They look at me with the distaste that is the same whether they direct it at someone who’s gone under the knife a few times... [Lire la suite]
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